Innovation requires iteration. Iteration requires discipline. Solitude counters discipline the way wind erodes rock. Slowly, but surely. My struggles working on Prevolve have led me to these realizations. I'm hoping this blog can serve as an outlet and inlet that connect my progress to the outside world. 

For the past year I've struggled to create a pair of custom fit 3D printed soccer cleats that I could call minimalist, comfortable, durable, and functional. So far I've failed. I've failed countless times. I've started hundreds of prints. A majority didn't make it to completion. For the prints lucky enough to reach 100% completion, most had catastrophic structural damage. For those few prototypes that made it to the soccer field, many broke after first time use. My biggest success was a pair of cleats that I wore for 5 sessions of soccer activity. 

The BioFusion cleats have come a long way. And yet the past few weeks felt like a valley of death. When I started this company I thought I'd have beta testers 6 months in. Now, over a year has passed, and I've yet to have a person other than myself test the product.

It feels good to share my failures. Right now as I'm writing I feel an unexpected relief, like a weight being lifted from my shoulders. 

Success is some ethereal "thing" that I've thought could provide relief, funny how it turns out the admission of failure is the ointment I've been desperately seeking. 

New mantra: embrace failure :D



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