Fundraising, Prevolve, and Simplicity

Hey there. My name is Oliver Brossmann. I'm the founder of Prevolve. The past month I have been struggling with the decision of how to raise capital for my business. For a time I was set on going the Venture Capital route. I wanted to raise $1,000,000 to launch my product. Although this option appears to grant access to accelerated growth and impact I had this creeping feeling that it wasn't right for me and Prevolve. My biggest realization was that I would literally be selling my company for growth. If I didn't own my company anymore, then there would be potential for an encumbered decision making process and disagreements about the direction of the company. While there is also potential benefit for bringing in other perspectives, experience and skills, in my opinion Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication. For these reasons and more I've decided to hunker down and continue my bootstrapping adventure. My goal is to sell 10 pre-orders this month. When you purchase a pre-order you'll be helping me continue the development of the shoes. The delivery date is roughly a year from now: Summer 2017. I can tell you right now that the BioFusion Cleats are something different. They feel like no other shoe you've ever worn. To have the entire shoe shaped to your exact foot dimensions gives a sense of connectedness that is hard to describe. Of course there are still problems that need to be solved. The two biggest obstacles are the flexibility and the durability of the upper.  These last two features don't necessarily have easy solutions, but I'm confident that I'll have a viable product by Summer 2017. 

If you decide to invest in Prevolve by pre-ordering a pair you'll be investing in a company driven by an idea. The human body is beautiful and strong, our job is to accentuate that strength.  

My message to you:

Empower your own body, be your own hero.


Here's the first and latest prototype... I'll let you figure out which one is which.

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