Hey Guys,

It's been a while since I posted anything so I'd like to give you bit of an update on the trajectory of Prevolve. After spending 2 years developing the soccer shoes, I've decided to change focus towards the running shoes for the next few months. Here's why:

The soccer shoes require two things that I've really struggled to develop. 

1. There needs to be two different materials to make the shoe. One soft and flexible for the upper while the other needs to be rigid for the cleats. Now 3D printing has come a long way since I started, but FDM machines still struggle with dual extrusion and with flexible filaments. So far I have not been able to get the quality needed for a final product. 

2. The soccer shoe needs an extremely strong upper with perfect quality from the printer. The upper of a soccer shoe has to withstand insane spikes of forces while still being thin enough to provide a delicate touch. These trade offs make for a wonderful challenge. Now, I've definitely been able to improve their durability over the past 2 years, but it has been a struggle. Until this problem gets sorted out I can't, with peace of mind, release the shoes to the public.

The running shoe doesn't have either of the issues listed above. It can easily be printed in one flexible material with different densities and the upper doesn't go through the same insane spikes of pressure that the soccer shoe needs to withstand. 

The good news: many of the design features on the soccer shoe apply directly to running and vice versa. :)

So that pretty much sums it up. I'm focusing on releasing the product that is more viable for the market ($$$). Lookout for the release in July!



PS Sign up for a Scanning appointment if you're looking to buy one of the first pairs. 



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