1. How does Pricing work?

The prices can be found by clicking the "Buy Now" button at the top of the page. The scanning appointment is free. We store your scan and relevant bio-metric information, so if you decide to purchase another pair of Prevolve shoes, there is a small discount (ask us here how to redeem this discount by reaching us through our contact page).

If you have additional customization or wedges needed for your shoes, we charge $25/hr for the extra material and design work. Simply include the changes or extras by adding an "Additional Customization" to your cart, in addition to your shoe order, before checking out.

We also have shoes available for pre-order offered at a lower price than at launch. We also offer an early bird pricing on most of our pre-order shoes for the first group of customers. We will be keeping all of our pre-order customers updated on development up through our release date, and customization options will be selected one month before they are shipped.

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12 Month Replacement Warranty.jpg

2. How does your guarantee work?

With a product as unique as ours is, we understand that every customer will ultimately have a different user experience. That's why we offer such a comprehensive and forgiving fit guarantee and replacement warranty.  If you find that your shoe has any kind of issue with the fit within the first 30 days of purchase, we will offer a free fit consultation and re-print of any problematic shoes. We want you to have a shoe that works for your body, not against it. Plus, every time we make a better fitting shoe, we learn a lot more about how our algorithm adapts to every unique foot we scan.

We also believe that you should be able to enjoy your shoes for a long time. That's why we created our full forgiveness replacement warranty. If your shoe breaks in any way within the first 12 months of purchase, we will replace it for the first time for free, no questions asked. While we expect our shoes to last a full year on their own, we understand that the variability of life doesn't always work that way. When you buy from us, you have the comfort to know that you'll have great custom footwear for a long time.

We don't believe in fine print, but it's also important to clarify the more intricate details of our guarantee and warranty: Our fit guarantee allows you to change customization options on your shoes, but you must leave your old shoes with us. We cannot send you your new fit until we receive your old shoes. This guarantee only covers the first new pair. Subsequent replacements will be handled on a case by case basis. We will not cover return shipping, but we will cover outbound shipping on your re-print. We encourage you to visit our office to adjust fit so that we can accurately see the problem ourselves and collect your shoes in person. When redeeming our replacement warranty, we will not re-scan the foot or change any customization options, meaning you will get the same exact pair of shoes as before. You can ask about current promotions or discounts  that we may offer for return customers on new models. After you redeem your re-print, the terms of your warranty end, and you will have to purchase another pair to get new shoes with us. We reserve the right to evaluate every fit guarantee and replacement warranty individually for eligibility.

3. How does scanning work?

In order to buy Biofusion Shoes, we'll need a scan of your feet. This can be achieved by scheduling a scanning appointment at Prevolve's office location in Seattle, WA. Scanning takes approximately 30 minutes. You can also try to find us at local events near you. Follow us on Facebook to see where we'll be next.


4. What if I don’t live in Seattle?

We use a professional foot scanner to get an accurate 3D model of your feet. This process requires you to visit our office location. If you cannot make it to our physical location, you may email us scans of your bare feet. Make sure that the scan you send is weight-bearing for the best results. You may be able to procure a scan at another professional 3D foot scanning service. This is not recommended as we can't guarantee the 3D model will match the 3D model our scanning process would generate. The following website has a list of all footwear and related companies that may be able to help you with the foot scanning process: https://3dshoes.com/pages/store-locator

5. How long will it take to get my SHoes?

Once purchased, we estimate a shipping time of around 3 weeks. This time may fluctuate based on the amount of orders we are processing, but a longer ship time will always come with a friendly warning.

6. What happens if my shoes break?

If any part of your shoe breaks, you can send the shoes back to Prevolve and we will replace the shoes the first time for free. We reserve the right to refuse such service if we deem the usage of the shoe was inappropriate for its purpose. (Don't use your shoes to walk over hot coals.) See FAQ #2 for more details about our replacement warranty. Reach us through our contact page or schedule a drop-in appointment to get your new shoes.

7. What if my shoes don’t fit?

If the sizing feels off, send us an email of a detailed description of the issue. We'll do our best to either edit the model to accommodate your issue or have an additional scan taken of your foot so that we can send you a new shoe. Our goal is to give you the most comfortable fitting shoe we possibly can. See FAQ #2 for more details about our fit guarantee. Reach us through our contact page or schedule a drop-in appointment to get your new shoes.

8. What kind of socks should I wear?

We recommend wearing your socks dependent on the weather and the fit of shoe you select. Wear thin socks for warm weather or tighter shoes, and thick socks for cold weather or looser shoes.

9. What surfaces can I use the Shoes on?

Our shoes are designed for a specific running surface and it's highly recommended you only use your shoes on the surface you select in the purchasing process. The different sole styles are Road, Hybrid, & Trail.

10. What colors are available?

Currently we sell black, grey, white, transparent, red, blue, orange, & yellow. We are working on adding new colors in the future.

11. How long will these shoes last?

We expect your shoes to last 4-6 months with moderate use, depending on how you use them and which shoes you purchase. We're always looking for feedback so that we can refine these estimates, so make sure to redeem your replacement warranty as soon as your shoes break. Some minor breakages should not impact the performance of the shoe; you are encouraged to use them as long as you are comfortable.

12. How should I train when first wearing BioRunners?

BioFusion Shoes are more minimal and flexible than conventional shoes. That means they are designed to encourage natural foot movement. If you are planning on using these shoes for exercise and you have worn traditional shoes for most your life, your feet and lower legs may need a training period before intense usage with these shoes. 

For adults who have not done any barefoot or minimalist training, we recommend easing into use by training for short 20 minute intervals twice a week. 

For kids, we encourage a more intense acclamation of 60 minute sessions twice a week. 

Once you feel comfortable training for these times you can slowly increase your usage. 

No matter the scenario we believe you must listen to your own body and feel out the differences in the shoe. Over time we believe the shoe will strengthen your legs, but there is always risk of injury. 


13. What’s Prevolve's return policy?

If you're unhappy with your shoes you can return them for a full refund during the first month. We believe you'll love your shoes and are willing to back the shoes with our full return policy.

For breakages see FAQ #2. 

14. How does 3D printing work?

3D Printing is an additive manufacturing process.  The process we use is called FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). For FDM a very hot nozzle is used to extrude a filament, in this case a flexible plastic. This plastic is extruded in a thin layer on top of a level bed. Once a base layer is printed another thin layer is printed on top of it. This process continues until an entire 3D object is formed.

15. Are my feet too big?

At this time we have a size limit of 14 in men's. We are constantly working on upgrading our printers and scanners. We will do our best to increase this limitation in the future.

16. Are my feet too small?

There are no limitations in minimal foot size.

17. How do I clean my shoes?

Cleaning BioFusion Shoes is super easy. Simply rinse in the sink with warm water using a sponge to remove any dirt. The shoes are waterproof, so there's no risk in completely submerging them.

18. Is Prevolve planning on making other types of ATHLETIC shoes?

Yes, Prevolve is looking at developing soccer, cycling, casual, rock climbing, court, and point shoes in the future. 

19. Can I use orthotics or Insoles with the shoes?

We don't recommend the use of added insoles or orthotics. The entire foot bed is custom to your feet. However, we understand that some medical conditions require them and for the additional customization charge, we can adjust your shoes to adapt for the insoles. As a warning, we can't guarantee the fit in these scenarios.