The FOUR Easy Steps to get your shoes today...                                         



Step 1: Scan

Our entire process starts with your foot. We utilize your biometrics to generate our shoe models, so everyone has to come in for a visit before we can start printing.


Step 2: Customize

Every person is unique, and their shoes should be too.

besides creating a completely custom fit for every foot, we also give you the option to adjust the shoe to fit your needs. make the shoe that matches your lifestyle.



Pick a color that matches you. Watch out for new and interesting colors as 3D printing technology evolves!

We currently carry 8 colors for our shoes: Black, White, Grey, Transparent, Blue, Red, Orange, and Yellow.


Tread Pattern

Optimized for comfort and traction, choose the tread that best suits your everyday needs. All treads are wearable on any surface, but you'll be more comfortable if you match your shoe's tread with your most commonly traveled ground.




The thickness of the cushion goes a long way to change how minimal the shoe will be. Thinner, more flexible soles will give you a more barefoot feel, while thicker cushioning will offer more comfort and support.


The tightness of the fit varies greatly on how you are using the shoes and how thick your socks are going to be.

White Backgroung copy.jpg

Step 3: Buy


Let us handle the 3D Printing


Step 4: Deliver

Just like that, you're ready to empower your body. Whether you choose pick-up or delivery, we'll make it as easy as possible to start moving in your shoes in just three weeks.