Better fit for your patients...


Refer custom footwear with a true fit at an affordable price.

When we launched, we envisioned a custom fit shoe that could support an active lifestyle. After just a few months, we realized our shoe has the capability to do so much more. We wish to truly empower the human body from the feet up. For the user who can't find a fitting shoe, who needs a fit for unique ailments, or who wishes to prevent the harm done by an ill-fitting traditionally produced shoe, we have their solution.

We've come to the medical community for two reasons: to get critical feedback on our product, and to establish relationships that can lead to trust and referrals. Our production method allows us to change and iterate the product with incredible ease. That means that your suggestions can go into the shoe as soon as next week.

create a new and improved orthotic with us

We are exploring a method to turn the sole of our shoe into an easily customizable, completely built in orthotic device. Since everything in our shoes is generated digitally and printed uniformly, we expect to be capable of printing orthotics for customers in all shapes and sizes. What we need now is you, the medical professional, to help us map out each orthotic shoe for patients. In time, we aim to have an easy, streamlined system for your patients to order their personal custom orthotic shoes.

We strive to put out the best possible product we can. To do that, we ask for your suggestions, criticism, and support. And we thank you.