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When I was 12 years old, my dream was to become a professional soccer player. In high school I was injured and required surgery on both knees. As I recovered, I stumbled upon the concept of minimalist, barefoot running. I then imagined a custom fit, 3D printed, minimalist soccer shoe that would solve my knee problems. 


No one was making this shoe. 


Eventually, I gave into the call and started Prevolve,

whose mission is to


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Read about our values:


The first step towards understanding your body is to have an awareness of it. We aim to help you train your ability to sense what your body needs. In addition, we strive to know as much about the function of the body and footwear, and consequently look to pass that down to our customer. Ultimately, this education will achieve our ends to empower your body.


Doing something daring is what we're all about here at Prevolve. Beginning this adventure to bring our shoes to market took more courage than anything else, which includes the courage to do something a little different. We know our shoes break the mold. It's because of the innovative and unique nature that is so visible in our product. We hope that our courage to be different inspires you to take the road less traveled.


This value rests at the core of our business operations. Ever since day one, we've insisted on being honest about our product, even if it means admitting that we've had our fair share of problems. It's this integrity that gives us the credibility to share our product today. Building trust between co-workers, among customers, and for our image helps us maintain the positive and prosperous relationships that we value so much.


Having the grit to keep on through the toughest challenges kept us in business this long. We recognize that failure will always be an essential part of life. This lesson goes hand in hand with our value of awareness and education. Grit gives us the opportunity to take that awareness, learn from it, and create a better environment for ourselves. Trying these shoes can be a challenge. Our shoes are designed to engage muscles that aren't traditionally engaged. We wish to impart on you the grit to overcome that challenge on your way to a healthier lifestyle.


What brings all of our values together is the heart to make the world a better place. Through our mission, we strive to be inclusive of all types of people, so that anyone can access a pair of custom shoes that works for them. We aim to embrace diversity, simplicity, and sustainability through our company. Someday, with your support, we'll take our compassion to the communities who need our footwear the most, bringing new solutions to people through philanthropy and engagement.

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