BioRunners (PRE-ORDER)

BioRunners (PRE-ORDER)

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BIOFIT ANKLE AND ARCH. A customized shape for your forefoot and ankle provides a gradient of tightness for a close connection with the shoe, like a second skin.

FLEX ARCH. A unique sole system gives you balance between protection and flexibility. It's custom nature allows for your arch to absorb and return impact energy while minimizing pressure points.

VARIABLE THICKNESS CUSHION. Internal 3D lattice structure for light durable cushion. More cushion placed where you need it: under your toes, metatarsal and heel.

LIGHT WEIGHT. Average 7.5 oz. per shoe + or - depending on your foot size and sole type.

FLEX TOE JOINTS. Flexible toe joints that match your actual toes allow you to grip the ground and move your foot naturally, as if you’re moving and maneuvering barefoot.

BIOFIT TOE BOX. Space is built into the toe box to minimize chafing and blisters and allow for your toes to splay naturally as they meet the ground. Feeling the ground again will develop your proprioception and balance.

VENTILATION SYSTEM. Evenly spaced hexagonal vents keep your feet cool while internal texture creates air flow through the bottom of your feet.

CUSTOM INITIALS, DATE & SHOE ID. Your personal initials along with the date and production number of the shoes printed on the inside ankle of both shoes.

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Strengthen Your Body.

Resist Injury.

Unlock Your Natural Potential.

Run Like a Human.

Designed & Printed in the USA.

Seattle, WA, Ballard